When Does A Roof Need To Be Replaced?

No one wants to face having to replace their roof, but the truth is, most roofs just aren't meant to last a lifetime. Depending on what kind of materials you chose and how well it was installed, you may be facing roofing issues sooner rather than later. If you suspect it's time for a new roof, check out these tips to figure it out. What's the Age? Most roofs aren't going to last you more that 20 or 30 years. Read More 

Perform Routine Roofing Inspections To Catch Problems Early On

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that everything continues running smoothly. This way, you can avoid frustrating problems that need repairing and leave you in a mess or troublesome situation. Routine inspections are a great way of catching things early, before small issues become large issues. Here is a list of the things you want to specifically look for during your routine residential roofing inspection: Broken tiles or shingles: Broken tiles or shingles can be a bit harder to spot, depending on where the damage is and how minimal it is. Read More 

The 411 On Wooden Roofs

If you look around your neighborhood, you will probably see a lot of modern roofs that are built out of synthetic materials. Many people have mixed feelings about these synthetic products. While they are practical and easy to own, most don't really love the way that they look. While wooden roofs definitely aren't as popular as they used to be, they are still a great choice. This article examines wooden roofs, explaining their maintenance requirements, and the long-term implications of owning wood. Read More 

4 Advantages Of Roof Replacement

Roof replacement can initially seem like a daunting task, since it entails completely removing your existing roof so that a brand new one can be installed. However, this large scale project also comes with some distinct advantages for your home. Understanding what roof replacement has to offer can help you decide whether or not it's time for you to replace your roof. Insulation A key advantage of installing a new roof on your home is that it acts as an insulative barrier, trapping hot air within your home and cold air outside it (and vice versa, depending on the season) to a much higher degree than an old and worn out roof will. Read More 

Comparing Spanish Style And Slate Roofs

Are you thinking about remodeling your roof? Whether your roof is in bad condition and needs to be replaced for structural reasons, or if it just needs to be updated for style reasons, a new roof can be a very worthwhile investment. First of all, it can completely redefine the style of your property. For instance, two homes with stucco walls and wood trim will look completely different from each other if one has a Spanish tile roof and the other has a modern slate roof. Read More