What To Do When You Want Wood Shingles But Not The Associated Fire Risk

Wood shingles look great on a home, making it more appealing to visitors and future buyers. Unfortunately, a wood roof presents a number of challenges and risks, one of which is an increased susceptibility to fire. If your heart is set on installing wood shingles but want to ensure your home remains safe from fire damage, here are two ways you can handle this concern: Get a Fire Retardant Coating Read More 

Looking For Hail Damage On Your Roof

When you hear hail suddenly start pounding on your roof your first thought may be whether or not you parked the car in the garage. You may also find yourself worrying about your windows and anything else that you may have left outside in your yard. One of your immediate thoughts may not be the condition your roof may be in once the hail storm comes to a stop, but it should be. Read More 

Damaged Asphalt Roof? Tips For Making Necessary Repairs

You may not be up for the task for installing an asphalt shingle roof by yourself, but it is possible to make some repairs if necessary. By being aware of what you need to do, DIY roof repair could end up savings you money when you need to replace damaged asphalt roof shingles. Safety Tips DIY roof repair should always start with safety. Ask For Help You should have someone around to help with your roof repair, even if it it just to hold the ladder as you climb up onto the roof. Read More 

Should Your Next Roof Be A Tiled Roof?

A tile roof is a popular option in warmer areas of the country, but homeowners in other areas are starting to realize the value in the roofing. Tile roofing has several benefits that make it a better choice for some homes. If you are considering a tile roof, here is what you need to know: Why Choose Tile Roofing? Tile roofing has several benefits, including its durability. The tiles are composed of durable materials, such as concrete and clay. Read More 

Layover Vs. New Roof: Which One To Use?

Need a new roof for your home? There will usually be two options available to you unless your roofer tells you otherwise. You can have the old roof removed and replaced with a brand new one, or you can lay the new roof on top of the old one. Here are some factors that can influence which one you decide to get. Damage If your new roof is motivated by damage that has occurred to a roof, a layover roof may not even be an option for you. Read More