Roofers May Be The Better Choice For A Fix Than A General Contractor

When seeking repairs on a home, hire the right professional for the job. There may be times when cutting corners and costs become unavoidable, but don't allow this approach to cloud your judgment when the time comes to fix a damaged roof. Stick with hiring a roofing contractor with the right experience for handling roof-related work. Beware of catch-all general contractors who may offer roofing fixes, but don't maintain the full qualifications necessary to perform a thorough and appropriate fix without delays. Read More 

Three Advantages Of Copper Standing Seam Roofing

Copper is a unique type of metal that has a number of distinctive material qualities that make it extremely well-suited for use in both commercial and residential roofing applications. Standing seam roofs refer to a type of roofing panel that have ridges that overlap one another to form a covered seam where the panels meet, effectively protecting the screws and fasteners that secure the roofing panels to the roof itself from the elements. Read More 

How Storms May Cause Damage To Your Roof

If a storm passes over your home, you may have a gut reaction to head out and look for damage. Do you even know what kind of damage you should be looking for? That's why it helps to know how storms may cause damage to your roof. Damage Caused By Hail Many homeowners do not notice hail damage because it will not be noticeable as easily as other types of damage. Read More 

Building A New Log Cabin? Tips On Choosing A Flat Or Pitched Roof

If you are building a new log cabin there are many things you must consider. One of these things is the roof you install on your home. First, you must choose if you want a flat or pitched roof. Below is more information about this to help you make your decision. Flat Roof A flat roof works well if you are on a budget. It is less expensive because not as many materials when compared to a pitched roof. Read More 

Why It’s So Important To Repair Your Roof Before Winter

Winter is just a couple of short months away. Are you ready for it? A better question would be is "Is your roof ready for it?" When was the last time you had your roof checked out? How about your gutters? There is so much to do to repair a roof for winter. If you find that your roof leaks, then you need roof repair services before winter too. Here is why repairing your roof before the first heavy snowfall is so important. Read More