How To Make Your Roof Impenetrable To Pests

When you frequently notice pests in your attic, or the upper rooms of your home, you might have a roof that has an opening and is allowing pests inside. You will need to work with a roofing contractor, like RSG Home Improvements LLC, to make your home more secure against a pest invasion through roofing repairs and modifications. Fix Your Damaged Roof If your roof becomes damaged, it will become a suitable entry-point for rodents and vermin. Read More 

6 Facts To Help You Determine If A Metal Roof Is Right For Your Home

If it's time to get rid of your old roof and replace it with something new, you may be considering switching to a metal roof. Metal is a great roofing material because of its strength and longevity. If you are thinking about getting a metal roof, check out these six important facts to help you determine if one is right for you. Metal Roofs Are Extremely Durable Metal roofs are one of the most durable roofing options available. Read More 

Don’t Stray Away From Standard Tar And Gravel Roofing Just Yet – It Has Its Benefits!

While so called "built-up" or "tar and gravel" roofs are still quite common on industrial buildings, some owners are steering away from them in favor of alternatives like spray foam and sheet metal roofing. While these newer alternatives do work well and have their benefits, they are not necessarily light years above a tar and gravel roof like some would have you believe. If you're on a budget, it's perfectly okay to stick with the standard, more affordable tar and gravel roofing option for your commercial building. Read More 

Are Slate Tiles Right For Your Roof?

Slate tile roofs give every home an elegant and unique appearance, but they aren't perfect for every roof. If you are considering replacing your old roof with slate tiles, check out these six important facts. They'll help you determine if slate tiles are the right choice for your roof. How Much Weight Can Your Roof Handle? Slate roof tiles are one of the heaviest roofing materials, and if your roof doesn't have the strength to support them, they could actually cause your roof to collapse. Read More 

How Can Your Roofing Material Help You Weather An Extended Drought?

The western United States -- particularly California -- has been parched by extreme drought conditions for nearly four summers now. As a result, many state and local governments are beginning to restrict water usage to conserve resources. What can you do to limit your water consumption without dramatically changing your lifestyle? Read on to learn more about how your home's roof help you weather a drought by providing you with " Read More