How To Deal With Raccoon Damage To Your Roof And Attic

If you hear loud thuds or the sound of animals running around your attic, you might have a raccoon problem. Raccoons are large animals, so they can make a lot of noise in your attic. However, they can also be very quiet and you may not even know they are there. All the while they could be damaging your roof and your attic. You want to get rid of them fast, and to keep them out, you'll need to repair the roof where they are getting in. Read More 

Lead Roofing Products And Your Home: Why You Should Feel Safe

Lead has been used for hundreds of years as a roofing product, and it has literally withstood the test of time. Some people become alarmed when they learn there may be lead roofing products on their roofs and wonder if lead should be removed immediately as a safety precaution. The good news is that lead roofing products are almost always quite safe to use, and there is usually no need to remove properly installed materials. Read More 

Keep Your Roof Free of Ice Dams This Winter With These Recommendations

With winter can come snow and ice, especially on your roof. Roof ice dam formation can cause damage to your roof and lead to leaks inside your home. Here are some recommendations you can take to prevent ice dam formation. Interior Install Proper Insulation Because an inefficient amount and quality of insulation in your attic can allow heat to escape your home and flow into your attic space, this can heat up the attic and your roof deck, causing ice dams to form on your roof. Read More 

3 Ways To Remove Roof Ice Dams To Protect You And Your Roof This Winter

The formation of ice along the edge of your roof in the form of icicles and as ice dams can put you and your home at risk of injury and damage. Heavy icicles can break off and pose a threat to anyone standing below. Ice dams forming on the roof eaves can cause damage to your roof as it refreezes under your shingles, pulling them up and causing moisture to get into your roofing deck and leaking into your home. Read More 

Adding A New Mineral Layer To Your Asphalt Shingles

If you have an asphalt roof, then your roof will be covered with layered shingles. These shingles will consist of a base or mat made from cellulose or inorganic fiberglass. The mat is covered with a petroleum product called asphalt, and then minerals are sprinkled over the top. These minerals are extremely important when it comes to keeping your roof in great shape. However, the granules will loosen and blow away over time. Read More