Choosing The Right Vegetation When You Install A Green Roof On Your Commercial Property

If you want to reduce your company's carbon footprint and dream of implementing eco-friendly renovations to your building, consider installing a green roof on your property. While you may have heard that green roofs are expensive to build and maintain, in the long run they make more economic sense than traditional roofs because of their environmental benefits, sound insulation, and energy usage benefits. So, dismiss negative thoughts or myths you have about green roofs and begin your planning by consulting with a commercial roofing contractor. Read More 

Tips To Help Identify The Types Of Damage With Wood Roofing And Repairs That Are Needed

Wood roofing is made of a type of split shake or a milled shingle. Just like other roofing materials, shake roofs need maintenance to ensure they last, and then the roof becomes worn with age, it is going to be time to have it replaced. The damage to wood roofing may be cosmetic, or it may be more serious problems that cause leaks. Here are some tips to help you identify the damage on your roof and the repairs that it needs: Read More 

The Two Main Things You Need To Consider Before Installing Solar Panels On Your Commercial Roof

Choosing to install solar panels on your commercial roof can be a great way to increase the sustainability of your building and reduce energy costs. However, it isn't as simple as fixing a few units to your roof. Rather, there are a few questions you need to answer before proceeding with the project. Initially, you need to address two main things: How Much Shading is Present? The first thing you need to consider when assessing the viability of installing solar PV on your company's roof is how much shading is present from the environment. Read More 

4 Things To Know About Spray Foam Roofing

If you are redoing your roof and are considering new roofing materials, one of the options that you need to consider is a spray foam roof. Here are four things that you need to understand and know about industrial foam roofing systems. #1 Spray Foam Is A Liquid When the spray foam is applied to your roof, it is actually in a liquid form. Two different types of liquids are applied to your roof. Read More 

Four Tips For Assessing Roof Damage After A Storm

When a big storm blows through, it can often wreak havoc on residential roofs. Aging roofs are the most susceptible, but even younger roofs can fall prey to high winds, hail, and wind-driven rain. That's why, after any storm, it's important to look over your roof for signs of damage. Here are some tips to ensure you tackle this task properly. 1. Look on the ground first. Before you even climb up on a ladder to look at the roof, take a look at the ground. Read More