4 Things To Know About Spray Foam Roofing

If you are redoing your roof and are considering new roofing materials, one of the options that you need to consider is a spray foam roof. Here are four things that you need to understand and know about industrial foam roofing systems. #1 Spray Foam Is A Liquid When the spray foam is applied to your roof, it is actually in a liquid form. Two different types of liquids are applied to your roof. Read More 

Four Tips For Assessing Roof Damage After A Storm

When a big storm blows through, it can often wreak havoc on residential roofs. Aging roofs are the most susceptible, but even younger roofs can fall prey to high winds, hail, and wind-driven rain. That's why, after any storm, it's important to look over your roof for signs of damage. Here are some tips to ensure you tackle this task properly. 1. Look on the ground first. Before you even climb up on a ladder to look at the roof, take a look at the ground. Read More 

How To Deal With Raccoon Damage To Your Roof And Attic

If you hear loud thuds or the sound of animals running around your attic, you might have a raccoon problem. Raccoons are large animals, so they can make a lot of noise in your attic. However, they can also be very quiet and you may not even know they are there. All the while they could be damaging your roof and your attic. You want to get rid of them fast, and to keep them out, you'll need to repair the roof where they are getting in. Read More 

How To Make Your Roof Impenetrable To Pests

When you frequently notice pests in your attic, or the upper rooms of your home, you might have a roof that has an opening and is allowing pests inside. You will need to work with a roofing contractor, like RSG Home Improvements LLC, to make your home more secure against a pest invasion through roofing repairs and modifications. Fix Your Damaged Roof If your roof becomes damaged, it will become a suitable entry-point for rodents and vermin. Read More