Techniques For Repairing Your Flat Roof

Do you have a flat roof that's showing signs of damage? If so, you'll likely be looking into methods to repair the roof rather than replace it. Here are some common methods used for repairing flat roofing material.

Tar Coating

If your roofing material is made with asphalt or rubber, an affordable method that can be used is to coat the material with roofing tar. The process is as simple as applying the tar directly to places where the roofing material is leaking or pealing.

While this is not a long-term solution to fix the problem, it can give you immediate protection from water coming into your building. Keep in mind, the tar will last longer if people are not walking over the material. If people are not normally walking on the surface of your flat roof, it should be fine.

Additional Rubber Layer

If the existing roofing material is made with rubber, one repair option is to place an additional rubber layer on your roof. The great thing about this method is that you don't have to remove the layer of old rubber since it's placed directly on top of it. The new rubber will cover all those small damaged areas where water is getting in, making it a quick fix to your current problem.

However, be aware that the two layers of rubber roofing material may not adhere to each other properly. If you have damage to the roof deck, this technique might not be possible either. Adding an additional rubber layer will only buy you some time until you can have the entire roof replaced, which may be all that you can afford with your budget at the moment.

Apply Spray Foam

You also have the option of using spray foam to fix your existing roof. Many people decide to use spray foam because it is very similar to installing a new roof, but you don't have to rip off the old one. The spray foam will harden and form a new roofing material that provides great insulation and is not porous. You won't have issues with water or moisture getting to the roof deck and creating more problems.

The process of installing spray foam should also go quickly. Since minimal prep work is necessary by not having to remove the old roof, you can move straight to the installation process by installing the brand new spray foam material to the surface. For more information, contact a roofing contractor.