Roofers May Be The Better Choice For A Fix Than A General Contractor

When seeking repairs on a home, hire the right professional for the job. There may be times when cutting corners and costs become unavoidable, but don't allow this approach to cloud your judgment when the time comes to fix a damaged roof. Stick with hiring a roofing contractor with the right experience for handling roof-related work. Beware of catch-all general contractors who may offer roofing fixes, but don't maintain the full qualifications necessary to perform a thorough and appropriate fix without delays.

General Contracting vs. Skilled Roofing: No Comparison

Depending on the roof's specific troubles, a small fix could set things right. A loose nail, for example, could provide enough of an opening for water to drip inside. Patching the small hole ends all the troubles, absent any other damage. When an ill-experienced general contractor misjudges the problem and picks the wrong fix, however, disaster may follow. When hiring a roofing contractor, you can reasonably expect a better assessment and repair job. A roofer's critical eye should deliver a reliable assessment.

Beyond Accurate Assessments

Assessing what's wrong with a roof must never be guesswork -- for that matter, the assessment should determine whether the roof is the actual problem. A professional roofer may figure out that a poorly installed window is causing a leak, not any issues with the roof. An inexperienced contractor could play guessing games and wind up stuck for an answer. The wrong evaluation often leads to the wrong fix; the leak then continues and causes further damage to the home.

Choosing the Correct Fix

The condition of the roof often determines what fix is appropriate. If the roof has several large holes, for example, replacing the roof may be the only option. You don't want a contractor to suggest a cheaper alternative fix that isn't appropriate. Placing a metal sheet over a damaged roof and covering the layer with tar might be a less-costly option, but it may not work. If it doesn't work, then the money spent on the patch job goes to waste. Professional roofers aren't likely to suggest unworkable, short-term fixes.

A Lesson to Learn

The tale of the roofer vs. the general contractor comes with a moral lesson. Choose the right professional to do work on your home. When roof troubles arise, call in an experienced, certified roofer. Even if the contractor is earnest in intentions and wants to do a good job, he/she may lack the skills. Don't take risks with someone lacking the qualifications for the job.

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