Are You Closing On A Roof With Water Damage Signs? What To Look For And Know

If you know you want to purchase a home but you can tell there are some water concerns throughout the roof, and that the shingles haven't been maintained or replaced in a long time, call a roofing company like JCB Roofing. If you think water problems have caused these roofing flaws, you want to make sure you don't just fix the problem, but prevent it from being a problem again while you are the homeowner. Here are some of the things that you can look at to tell if you have water problems.

Mold and White Coloring

If you can see green mold in areas around the roof, the shingles have to be replaced. If there are white spots or splotches around the roof, or large white areas, this also indicates that there are some mold concerns. You want all of the mold damage removed, and then you need to have the wood, insulation, and other components of the roof inspected for further mold damages. Mold problems inside the home could be a serious health risk.

Warping and Buckling

Warping and buckling are common from water damages, and it can also indicate that there are ventilation problems with the roofing system. If you can see that the shingles are bending, curving, and peeling away from the roof,  they have to be removed and you have to find out why they are changing shape. Shingles that have detached from the roof leave it exposed to damages.

Soggy or Rotted Wood Soffits

If the wood soffits around the roof are rotted out, soggy, or infested with insects, these are other factors that indicate water is a problem. You need to have all this wood replaced when the shingles are replaced and the roof is maintained, and you may want to change the wood to metal or even vinyl if possible.

Get more than one cost from roofing contractors in your area to see what it will take to make these changes. If you need to have a lot of repairs done to the roof, you may want to see what the cost will be to put a brand new roof on. If this is the easiest option, it may make more sense financially and it could be the best way to protect the home and to improve the home value. This should also increase the appearance and curb appeal of the property when you move in.