Can You Install Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl is touted as one of the most cost-effective and energy efficient exterior siding materials. It is definitely a great addition to pretty much any home that needs new side walls for any reason at all. Of course, even though it is relatively affordable compared to other exterior siding choices, it is still a sizable DIY project. Installing vinyl siding is going to cost thousands of dollars, and hiring contractors can be expensive. This is one reason that so many homeowners are interested in installing their own vinyl siding. Before you take on the installation of vinyl siding, here are a few things you should know because it's not always the best idea to do by yourself.

You Might Need Scaffolding

First of all, you need to realize that installation of vinyl siding on a two-story home is going to be much more difficult and time-consuming. It will require that you rent or buy a scaffolding system if you want the project to be manageable and time efficient. That is, if you try to install vinyl siding on a two-story home using just extension ladders, the work is going to be much more demanding.

The Work is Tiring

Regardless of if you use ladders or scaffolding, the physical work involved can be very demanding. It requires lifting objects above your head, climbing up and down, nailing things down, using heavy power tools, and transporting a lot of materials around the job site. Of course, when you compare the installation of vinyl siding to the installation of a heavy material like brick, it seems very easy. It is just important that you realize that any exterior siding replacement project is going to be pretty hard work.

You Need the Right Tools

The installation of vinyl siding also requires that you use some heavy-duty power tools that you might not already own. An air compressor, nail gun, handheld circular saw, jigsaw, and miter saw are all usually necessary. You don't have to own these tools because you can rent them, but you obviously need to know how to safely operate them.

You Need Helpers

Importantly, it is only worthwhile inside to install your own vinyl siding if you have enough capable workers to help you with the job and handle some of the physical parts of the work.

If vinyl siding is a project you are considering, take these points into account call a home siding contractor if you have questions about getting professional help.