Four Common Things Responsible For The Wear And Tear Of Roofs

All roofs, even those that are perfectly designed and installed, eventually wear out. However, some wear out faster than others, and it is important to understand why this happens so you can prolong your roof's life. To understand why some roofs wear out faster than others, start by evaluating why any roof wears out in the first place. Here are the most common reasons roofs wear out:

Exposure to Weather Elements

Changing weather patterns cause silent but steady damage to your roof. Fluctuating temperatures, for example, cause the roofing materials to expand and contract; this eventually weakens the roofing materials and makes them susceptible to further damage. Rain and snow, on the other hand, can collect on the roof and cause decay and rot or leak through tiny cracks on the roof and damage the internal components of the roof.

Vegetative Growths on the Roof

If there are vegetative growths on your roof, then you should be worried for your roof's integrity because the growths will eventually damage it. Things like moss, algae, and other plants can accelerate decay of wooden parts of the roof, retain moisture or even damage shingles by accelerating erosion of the granules. This is why roofs without such vegetation last longer than those covered with vegetation.

Roof Traffic

Walking on the roof is also a sure way to accelerate its wear and tear. For example, the friction between your shoes and the surface of the roof can strip the protective granules from the shingles and leave them exposed to other forms of damages. It's also possible to cause shingles to crack, to dent flashing, and to damage other sensitive sections of the roof. The more you walk on the roof, the faster it will wear out.

Maintenance or Lack of It

Lastly, the maintenance practices you have for your roof also determine its rate of wear and tear. Some of the routine maintenance practices roofs need include cleaning the roof, preventing drainage blockages, preventing ice dams, sealing tiny leaks, and inspecting the roof regularly, among other things. A poorly maintained roof wears out faster than a properly maintained roof because it's the little damages and malfunctions that eventually cause serious roof damage.

All roofs eventually wear out whether they are properly maintained or not, but the poorly maintained ones go out first. Consult a roofing contractor at a company like Melton Industries LLC for a maintenance plan that will help prolong the life of your roof.