Composite Wood Is Great For Gutter-Bearing Fascia Boards

Doing your part to maintain your roofline, particularly the soffit and fascia board, is going to help keep your roof looking new and stylish. If you need to replace your fascia boards, you should consider composite wood. This article explains why composite woods are ideal for most gutter-bearing fascia boards.

The Importance and Vulnerability of Fascia

The fascia board is perhaps the most vulnerable part of your entire roof line because it faces outward and is exposed to the sun and rain. Basically, the wood on the outside of your fascia board is going to wear down and shows signs of aging before the wood on the rest of your exterior. Usually, the fascia board needs to be repainted and refinished more often than any other part of your roof. This is particularly true if the fascia board is connected to the gutter system. Build up in your gutter can ultimately put stress on the fascia board and cause problems with it.

Problems With Wooden Fascia Boards

Of course, a real wood fascia board is going to have all sorts of problems. Would is a material that expands and contracts with changes in the temperature and moisture content of the year. You can also swell when it gets wet. Basically, none of this is good when it comes to fascia boards, especially if you don't do your part to maintain and refinish them as often as you should. The

Beauty of Composite Woods

Investing in a composite wood fascia board is going to save you a lot of headaches. Most importantly, composite wood is completely waterproof. It doesn't ever need staining, painting, or any sort of refinishing. The finish is permanent and will stay that way for many years. It will end up saving a fair amount of time and money compared to a real wood fascia board is important to note that composite fascia boards come in the most relevant and up-to-date styles and finishes. You should have no problem finding a style that matches your current roof line.

Owning a composite wood fascia board will save you a lot of time and money over the years. Usually, composite wood isn't going to cost that much more than natural wood. You might have to spend a couple hundred dollars more, but you will earn that money on the cost of paint alone. In the end, it is easy to see why so many homeowners are choosing to invest in composite wood facia boards.

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