3 Reasons To Use Slate On Your Roof

When trying to determine which material is best for your roof, it is very important that you not overlook slate because it can be a very beneficial roofing material to utilize, despite its high cost. Listed below are just three of the many reasons to use slate on your roof.

Slate Is An Extremely Durable Roofing Material

One of the biggest reasons to use slate on your roof is that it is an extremely durable roofing material to utilize on the roof of your home. Not only is this material strong enough to stand up to the impacts of a hailstorm, but it is also able to withstand water damage. In most cases, a slate roof is not going to have any issues with mold or rot that is so common with wood or other roofing materials.

Slate Is An Extremely Long-Lasting Material

Additionally, you will want to use slate on your roof because it is an extremely long-lasting material to utilize on your roof. This is very important because you really don't want to have to replace your roof more often than necessary, typically because it is a very expensive and time-consuming endeavor.

Utilizing slate on your roof helps you avoid having to replace your roof very often because most slate will allow you to have a roof that is able to last up to 100 years, with some of the harder varieties of slate being able to last even longer than that. This can save you a massive amount of money as you will really only have to have your roof built or replaced once in your lifetime.

Slate Is Very Aesthetically Pleasing

Finally, try to utilize slate on your roof because it is a very aesthetically pleasing roofing material. The reason behind this is that slate will actually come in a large variety of different colors and patterns that will vary depending on which state or region the slate was acquired from. Some of the varieties of slate that you can find can include purple slate, deep blue slate, sea-green slate, and even gray or black varieties.

Contact a roofing contractor today to discuss the various benefits that utilizing slate on your roof can provide and to determine if a slate roof will fit within your budget. You will want to use slate on your roof because it is an extremely durable roofing material, an extremely long-lasting roofing material, and because it is very aesthetically pleasing.

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