The 411 On Wooden Roofs

If you look around your neighborhood, you will probably see a lot of modern roofs that are built out of synthetic materials. Many people have mixed feelings about these synthetic products. While they are practical and easy to own, most don't really love the way that they look. While wooden roofs definitely aren't as popular as they used to be, they are still a great choice. This article examines wooden roofs, explaining their maintenance requirements, and the long-term implications of owning wood.

Wood Ages Beautifully

The first thing you need to know about wood is that it is going to fade, warp, and generally age over time. While the warping can be an issue when it comes to the structural integrity of your roof, it usually isn't severe. The fading and natural aging, on the other hand, can be severe, but many people love it. In fact, many synthetic roofing products are made with fake antique wood finishes. They are basically made to look like old wood. It is understandable why so many homeowners rather just install actual wood and let it age naturally.

Wood Maintenance

You really need to think about the maintenance required for a wooden roof. If you want a bright, painted finish, then you will need to refinish and repaint your roof several times within a single decade. This is much more maintenance than is required if you own a tile or ceramic roof. However, some people are more than willing to undertake this because they love the feel and look of real wood.

Of course, wood is also susceptible to termite damage and water damage. Both of these can compromise the structural integrity of your entire roof if they are not taken care of. For instance, a roof tile that has termites can allow moisture beneath your shingles and damage the deck underneath. That being said, as long as you regularly inspect your roof, and make small repairs to fight off termites and water, you won't have any severe maintenance to worry about in the long run.

A wooden roof, even if it is not regularly maintained, can last several decades as long as it is not infested by termites. In the end, while there might be a lot of new, modern roofing materials, wood will remain a popular choice for many years to come. It looks great and fits in with many modern home styles. To learn more, contact a commercial roofing professional near you!