Comparing Spanish Style And Slate Roofs

Are you thinking about remodeling your roof? Whether your roof is in bad condition and needs to be replaced for structural reasons, or if it just needs to be updated for style reasons, a new roof can be a very worthwhile investment. First of all, it can completely redefine the style of your property. For instance, two homes with stucco walls and wood trim will look completely different from each other if one has a Spanish tile roof and the other has a modern slate roof. Even though these other components are the same, the roof is more noticeable and will be the defining style factor. Basically, by changing the roof, you're changing the whole style of your property. This article will discuss the main differences between Spanish style clay tiles and slate roofs.

Spanish Tile Roofs

Clay tiles are often referred to as Spanish tiles because they have been used in Spain for centuries. In reality, clay tiles have been used all over Europe, and throughout the world. The manufacturing of clay tiles has obviously changed dramatically over the last hundred years, but it has always been a very popular material for roofing because it is cheap to make. On top of that, it is a very easy product to maintain.

Clay is a relatively lightweight tile, making it suitable for roofs. Heavier tiles, like slate, often require a reinforced roof, which can be very expensive. If you are thinking about installing your own tile roof, the job will be far easier if you use a lightweight product like clay. A clay roof will easily last 50 years with hardly any maintenance. Some people pressure wash their roof tiles just to remove any moss build-up or dirt accumulation, but this isn't necessary. Homeowners are still drawn to clay because of the natural look, and authentic style that reminds them of European architecture.

Slate Tiles

As mentioned, slate is a much heavier roofing material. With that extra weight, you also have a more durable, longer-lasting material. A slate roof has about twice the lifespan of clay. Slate is a natural product, quarried directly from the earth. It is easily cut into thin slivers that are perfect naturally shaped tiles.

In the end, most homeowners will decide between clay and slate-based mainly off of the style that they prefer. Both are stylish, but one might be more fitting for your property.