Layover Vs. New Roof: Which One To Use?

Need a new roof for your home? There will usually be two options available to you unless your roofer tells you otherwise. You can have the old roof removed and replaced with a brand new one, or you can lay the new roof on top of the old one. Here are some factors that can influence which one you decide to get.


If your new roof is motivated by damage that has occurred to a roof, a layover roof may not even be an option for you. Damaged roofing material will need to be removed to fix any underlying issues, and then new roofing material will need to be installed. Having a layover roof installed could cause the existing damage underneath the old shingles to become even worse.


You can only layover an existing roof so many times. That is because the weight of the roofing material will eventually become a factor that could impact your decision. Too much weight on a roof due to multiple roofing layers could cause the entire roof to collapse. This depends on the state of the roof supports located in your attic and the weight of the existing roofing materials.

While as single layover roofing layer should be possible, be cautious if you are planning to install a second or third layer of roofing material on the surface. A roofing contractor can let you know if it is even possible to do a layover roof with the weight of the materials in mind.


Sometimes a layover roof doesn't look right, which can cause an unpleasing aesthetic with the roof. For example, the shingles may look bumpy because there were unable to be laid across a very flat surface. You won't be able to completely fix this problem unless you ripped off the old roof when getting the new one.


The process of removing all of the old shingles on your roof can be time consuming. If you are fighting time to get a new roof installed, such as upcoming weather, you may not have enough time to rip the old roof off your home. A layover roof will be installed much faster because it is stopping one of the steps for installation, and while it should cost less money, may be the only option available to you.

Contact a local roofing company, such as Todd Harkleroad Roofing Inc., for more questions or concerns about getting a layover or a new roof.