Tips To Help Identify The Types Of Damage With Wood Roofing And Repairs That Are Needed

Wood roofing is made of a type of split shake or a milled shingle. Just like other roofing materials, shake roofs need maintenance to ensure they last, and then the roof becomes worn with age, it is going to be time to have it replaced. The damage to wood roofing may be cosmetic, or it may be more serious problems that cause leaks. Here are some tips to help you identify the damage on your roof and the repairs that it needs:

1. Erosion and Natural Aging of Wood Shakes That Weakens Them

Over the years, wood roofing will naturally age. The aging shakes or shingles become weaker and can easily be damaged. Some of the problems may be associated with erosion and look like splits in the shingles. It is important to reduce wear of wood roofing by cleaning your roof regularly to remove grime. The sediments that get embedded in the pours of wood shingles cause moss and fungus, which will lead to rot, aging and damage to the roof. Pressure washing your roof every few years will greatly reduce these problems.

2. Damage to Unsupported Wood Roofing from Foot Traffic on Roof

Wood roofing is installed over slats or plywood roof decking. Slats are fine to support shakes, but they may be easily damaged where they are not supported with foot traffic. Plywood decking will become weak due to leaks and rot that make your roof weak. To prevent these problems, avoid walking on your roof; unless it is necessary to get on the roof to complete maintenance and repairs.

3. Punctures and Poor Installation That Causes Leaks and Damage 

Punctures in wood shakes are problems that cause leaks and structural damage. The punctures may be from poor installation and old nail holes, or they can be cause by hail damage on weakened shingles. To avoid these problems, do regular maintenance and contact a roofing contractor to do repairs properly. It is important that nails are not exposed when repairs are done. The punctured shingles or shakes will need to be replaced to prevent leaks and further damage to your roof.

Sometimes, it may be difficult to identify the specific repair needs of wood shake or shingles. To ensure your roof holds up for years, contact a roofing contractor, like Mid-Miami Roofing, Inc. ,
to help with the repairs and maintenance that it needs to avoid serious leaks and costly structural damage.