A Copper Roof Will Protect Your Family’s Estate For Generations

Most property owners don't consider having a copper roof installed on their properties because copper roofs cost more than other types of roofs. According to Mother Earth News, however, copper roofs also last much longer than any other kind of metal roof. While you may not want to have a copper roof installed on a home that you'll be selling in a few years, this type of roof may be perfect for a family estate that you want to keep in the family for generations. Investing in a copper roof now could keep your family's property protected for centuries. Continue reading to learn more about copper roofing. 

Copper Costs a Pretty Penny

Copper roofs cost more than other kinds of roofs because the materials used in them are more expensive. Specifically, copper is more expensive than the other types of metals used in roofs. A survey of metal prices shows the disparity between copper and other metals. At the time of this writing, InvestmentMine listed the following metal prices:

  • copper cost $2.23 per pound

  • aluminum cost $.075 per pound

  • tin cost $7.76 per pound

Roofs made of copper, though they cost less per pound than tin roofs, are so expensive because they are made completely of copper, whereas tin roofs are not make completely of tin.

Since copper costs more than the other kinds of metal used in roofs, metal roofing companies must charge more when installing copper roofs.

Copper Roofs Will Last a Really Long Time

Copper roofs, however, will last for a long, long time. If you have a copper roof installed on your family's estate, it will likely last for your entire lifetime, as well as those of your children, their children, their children -- and even for many more generations.

A copper roof can theoretically last for 1,000 years, although there aren't any known copper roofs that are that old. There is a copper roof on a castle in Europe that was put on in 1585. In 2009, it was renovated and the roof was deemed to be in fine shape. It looks like it will last for another four centuries, and possibly much longer.

Copper Roofs Have Other Advantages

Longevity isn't the only advantage that copper roofs have. They also:

  • will let snow slide off easily in the winter
  • keep the building cool in the summer by reflecting sunlight
  • withstand damage caused by hailstorms

Copper Roofs Must Be Properly Installed

Of course, copper roofs only offer all of these benefits if they're properly installed. Therefore, you should make sure the metal roofing company you hire to put on a copper roof has worked with this type of roof before. The company's workers should be both experienced and competent. Any metal roofing company you hire should

  • provide a written estimate that details the cost of the entire project
  • be able to provide references of customers who had copper roofs installed
  • do all the work themselves, not subcontracting any part of it
  • offer a warranty that guarantees their work

Additionally, the warranty offered by the roofing company should be backed by a well-known financial institution or insurance company. Should the roofing company you hire stop doing business, the financial institution or insurance company would still honor any warranty claims.

If you want to keep your family's estate in the family for a long time, have a copper roof put on it the next time it needs a new roof. In light of how long a copper roof can last, the price of one is reasonable, and it will help shed snow, reflect sunlight and withstand hail. You and your descendants will be happy for many years to come, as long as you find a good metal roofing company, like Acoma Roofing, that will properly install the copper roof for you.