How To Make Your Roof Impenetrable To Pests

When you frequently notice pests in your attic, or the upper rooms of your home, you might have a roof that has an opening and is allowing pests inside. You will need to work with a roofing contractor, like RSG Home Improvements LLC, to make your home more secure against a pest invasion through roofing repairs and modifications.

Fix Your Damaged Roof

If your roof becomes damaged, it will become a suitable entry-point for rodents and vermin. Some pests, such as wasps, may even make the roof a home. You will need to hire a roofing contractor to repair your roof to make it harder for pests to enter.

Fill In Holes and Cracks

Look for any holes, cracks or crevices. Rats will find a hole and will work to widen it until they are able to gain entry. Even if they cannot, they will create an opening for smaller pests to enter through. For block and wood-constructed homes, make sure that you check underneath the eaves. Also, if you have shingles, look for any shingles that are missing and replace them if you do. Removed shingles create openings that are easier for rodents to bypass.

Consider Having the Whole Roof Replaced

You may also choose to have your roof completely replaced with a version that is more resistant to pests, especially if your roof is no longer covered under a warranty. Aluminum is one of the best anti-pest roofing materials because it is very durable, which makes it difficult for pests to chew through. It is also more resistant to corrosion than other metals, which makes it less likely that an opening will be created that will make it easier for pests to gain entry. Slate is also very hard. Polymer roof tiles do not use any organic materials, so pests are not attracted to them.

Place Screens on Vent Pipes

One of the most common entryways through a roof is the vent pipes and attic turbine ventilators. You may need to add screens to prevent rodents from entering. One end of the screen has about the same diameter as the pipe, so the screen fits perfectly inside. The other end has a durable screen that does not allow for rodents to fit through. However, you will need to check the screens regularly to make sure that they do not clog so that they always have proper air flow. While your roof is not the only way inside your home, when sealed off, your home will have fewer pests.